Milledgeville to receive grant to fight childhood obesity

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The Milledgeville City Council renewed a partnership with the Live Healthy Baldwin organization in order to get a grant for $75,000 from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation to fight childhood obesity.

This is the third time the city and Live Healthy Baldwin have partnered to get a grant from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation Childhood Obesity Prevention Program.

Milledgeville City Councilman Steve Chambers said the Council is planning to apply the grant money to projects that will help people live a more active lifestyle. These projects include making roads more bike-friendly, educating children in school about healthy living and making parks safer for children.

Live Healthy Baldwin said this year’s grant is much smaller than last year’s, so they will have to rely on the city and other sources for funding as well.

However, Chambers said people in Milledgeville don’t have to worry about the price tag.

“All of this is certainly going to cost, but what we’re trying to do is try to plan it out far enough in advance so that it will be a minimal impact on the cost to the city,” he said.

The first grant Live Healthy Baldwin received was $150,000, the second was $100,000, and this one will be $75,000.

Chambers said they also plan on adding basketball courts, tennis courts and other facilities to get kids off the couch.

Grant helps continue the fight against childhood obesity